Sell out all your concerts with and Music Bus

f you wouldn’t start up a new business without analysing its potential for success first, why would you do so with your band? Work with our data and optimise your profits!

Run a voting campaign

Ask your fans what cities they want you to play in. will help you run the campaign on your communication channels, coming up with content ideas and graphics.

Start a campaign

Find out the size of your audience

We’ll give you information about the followers who have requested your concert so you’ll be able to directly communicate with them later. Besides, you’ll receive a list of the most requested cities as well as suitable venues for the tour.

Sell all the tickets!

Can you imagine selling over 90% of the tickets in all your concerts? Stay Homas, Dvicio, Nil Moliner and 31 FAM have already worked with us to optimise their profits and they have done it. What are you waiting for?

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Boost your career

If scheduling a tour based on data has been a success, then why not carrying on in the same vein? Become a member of the Music Bus family and get ready for stardom! We offer a 360º service including management, booking, promotion, publishing and all you need to become a professional musician.

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They have already tried it

Nil Moliner
Carles Martínez, manager has been a key player in boosting Nil Moliner’s presence in Spain. Without them, it’d have been impossible to go on the first tour. After that first campaign, we managed to sell out all the concerts in the tour. The data helped us to make decisions and contributed to the artist's better perception by the audience and show planners.”
31 FAM
Albert López, manager
" helped us measure 31 FAM’s drawing power and ultimately boost our profit as it allowed us to fill larger venues than originally planned. The fact of having access to our voters' data is an amazing plus when planning future communications with our fans and gives artists greater control over their careers."
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