Larkin Poe + Joan Queralt & The Seasicks

Juan met Larkin Poe

Proposed by Javier


Razzmatazz 2, Barcelona
Sunday 2 December 2018

Juan voted for Larkin Poe to come and play in Barcelona and was also lucky enough to win their Meet&Greet. A few hours before their gig, he was able to chat with them and see them perform live one of their songs exclusively for him.

So if you'd also like to see and meet your favourite artists, all you have to do is ask for it at and #MakeItHappen.

Good luck!

Videos from the concert

It all started with Javier request to see Larkin Poe live: others joined their request and here at Cooncert we worked to make it come true. Do you want to be responsible for bringing your favorite artist to your city? #MakeThemCome

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