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At Cooncert we work to fulfill your wishes and all the artists in this section #HaveCome : every month we announce concerts that people like you asked for.

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Proposed by Javier
Juan met Larkin Poe
Razzmatazz 2 | 2 Dec 18
Proposed by maria
You have María to thank, she made Xavier Rudd come back!
Razzmatazz 1 | 12 Oct 18
Proposed by Manuel
Manuel consiguió conocer a Hannah
Costello Club | 11 Sept 18
Proposed by neus
¡Neus ha conseguido traer a Nahko & Trevor Hall!
Sala Bikini | 11 July 18
Proposed by diego
¡Diego ha conseguido traer a Nahko & Trevor Hall!
Cool Stage | 10 July 18
Proposed by Laia
¡Blanca y Eva conocieron a Nil Moliner!
Barts Club | 16 April 18
Proposed by Blanca
El regalo de Arcane Roots para Blanca
Razzmatazz 3 | 22 March 18
Proposed by Luis
Luis consiguió que Noah Gundersen actuara en Madrid
Café Berlín | 8 March 18
Proposed by Gloria
Gloria por fin tiene su autógrafo
El Molino - Festival Mil·lenni | 7 March 18
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