What is Cooncert?

We are a social platform for concerts. Cooncert is a collaborative project that allows fans to see artists who are not usually on tour in their city. It's a new way to get to enjoy a concert that once seemed impossible.

The way it works is very simple. You can ask for your favourite artists or you can join other fans' proposals. We then contact the artists and if they get the necessary number of votes, we try to bring them in Cooncert.

To be a true fan, be the first to propose or vote for an artist, spread the word for them to receive more votes, or buy tickets before anyone else. Real fans always have advantages in Cooncert. What are you waiting for?

Together no concert is impossible.

How does it work?

Sé el primero en proponer un artista y conviértete en proomotor, disfrutarás de privilegios especiales.
Propose an artist
Súmate a las propuestas de otros fans. Cuantos más seamos, más probabilidad habrá que el artista venga de gira.
Súmate a una propuesta
Buy the tickets for the concerts we have made possible together.
Buy your tickets

About us

The Cooncert team consists of a group of young people who, like you, love the world of music and concerts.

We look forward to seeing our favourite artists live and are confident that we can make it true with your help.

All of us in Cooncert team have experience in the music industry, we know the online world well, and now we have gathered all of our hopes and efforts to make the concerts you propose a reality.


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