How does it work?

Have you been waiting for years to see your favorite artist live? Are you one of those who’s traveled to see a band? Are you tired of seeing concerts on Youtube that never stop by your city? If you’re one of us, Cooncert is here to make your dreams come true. #MakeThemCome

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The more votes an artist gets, the bigger the chances of them coming. And look out, because if they come, you’ll get a discount, gifts and maybe even the chance of meeting them!

About us?

We’re a team of professionals who have been working in the music industry for over ten years: we’ve worked for many festivals, promoters, concert venues and ticketing companies, so do not hesitate: just ask, and with our help your dreams can come true.

Cooncert in the media

The project Cooncert and its idea of collaborative concerts keeps on growing and bringing fresh new content and concerts. This fall we celebrate our 4th Anniversary and we do it with great proposals that are about to break out in the indie and alternative scene. It won’t come as a surprise when we talk about big tour promoters not expanding their horizons. Most of us are tired of always seeing the same bands touring in the same cities over and over again, when other bands who are as good, don’t even make it to our country. That’s why the origin of Cooncert four years ago has helped change this pattern. Now, four seasons later, tours such as Glass Animals, James Vincent McMorrow, Zola Jesus, The Wave Pictures or Lisa Hannigan prove that our proposal works.

Towards September of 2013 Cooncert came onto the scene, a project that through a crowfunding-like system wanted to bring to Barcelona and other cities in Spain bands on popular demand. Today, only just ten months later, Cooncert has proved with a sold-out concert, to be a solid proposal, and above all with projection.

For a while now some bands have decided that playing in Spain wasn’t profitable enough for them […]. There are many big artists who have even stopped to meet their usual stops in Madrid and Barcelona. Other cities are not even worth mentioning. […] At this juncture is where in September of 2013 Cooncert was born, a platform that, according to its creators, tries to give power to those outraged fans that suffer every year knowing that once again they won’t be able to see their idols live.

Cooncert keeps making all those concerts desired by the fans possible.

We attended the TV Show “Fábrica de ideas” from Television Española to explain what Cooncert is and how this on-demand platform works.

If your love of music often turns into a frustration, because your favorite bands never come to your city, you’re in luck. Thanks to Cooncert, this might have a solution, the social media network that turns fans into concert promoters.

The cultural journalist Marta Echeverría interviewed Pau Corbalán, founder of Cooncert, in the morning show “Hoy Empieza Todo” from Radio 3.

The morning show Els Experts from the cultural station iCat FM covered a story about Cooncert and declared their love: “A proposal that has stolen out heart”

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